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What is the usage of urine bag


1. Urine collection bags are generally used for patients with urinary incontinence, or for collecting urine from patients clinically. Nurses usually help to wear or replace them in hospitals. How should disposable urine collection bags be emptied if they are full? How should the urine collection bag be used? The editor of the global medical device network will introduce you to the use of urine collection bags.

2. First of all, we need to understand the relevant information about the urine collection bag. The urine collection bag is actually different from the urine collection bag. Generally speaking, the urine collection bag is mostly used for patients who have undergone "stoma" surgery. Such patients may be patients with rectal cancer or bladder cancer. They will open a pit in the patient's side abdomen to remove the lesion. During the recovery process of surgery, urine and urine will be discharged from this opening unconsciously. Therefore, the urine collection bag needs to be used.

3. As for the urine bag, it may be that some patients are inconvenient to go to the toilet, or simply use it for incontinence. The connection of the two urine bags is different.

4. At present, there are many urine collection bags on the market, such as ordinary urine collection bags, anti reflux urine bags, child mother urine collectors and lumbar urine bags. At present, we still use ordinary urine collection bags.

Usage of urine collection bag:

1. First, check whether the package is complete, check whether there is damage and the expiration date of the product, disinfect the catheter and connector, and connect the catheter and connector. Some urine collection bags may need to first connect one end of the catheter bag to the urine collector, and some are integrated.

2. Some urine collection bags may have stop valves, which should be closed at ordinary times and opened when urination is required. However, some urine collection bags do not have this device.

3. When the urine collection bag is full, just open the switch or plug under the urine bag. It is worth noting that when using the urine collection bag, the end of the drainage tube should always be lower than the perineum of the elderly to prevent countercurrent infection and injury to patients.

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