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The application range and structure characteristics of DC isolation switch


Scope of application

Dc isolation switch is suitable for isolation protection in lines with working voltage up to 1000VDC and rated current up to 100A, realizing load division.Disconnect and effectively isolate. It is mainly used in the photovoltaic field.

The DC isolation switch is mainly used for indoor devices with AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage of 1500V, maximum voltage of 1000V, and rated current of 200A and 400A. In addition to switching power supply, DC isolating switches can also be used for infrequent on and off circuits.

Structural characteristics

TX7H DC isolation switch:

The main circuit pole of TX7H DC isolation switch is three, the operation mode is manual, the design of the switch fully absorbed domestic and foreign advanced technology, and combined with the actual situation and technology level of our country has made a very good effect, has the characteristics of a reasonable design structure, beautiful appearance and reliable work.

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