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Several advantages and disadvantages of solid insulated Ring Main Unit


The solid insulation Ring Main Unit is a Ring Main Unit that uses solid insulation materials as the main insulation medium. Compared with the gas-insulated Ring Main Unit, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. The editor of Hebei Minhui Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. will specifically talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the solid-insulated Ring Main Unit.

 No gas leakage and greenhouse effect risk, good environmental performance, maintenance-free;

Fully-sealed insulation structure with integral casting of epoxy resin, reliable insulation performance and strong environmental adaptability;

Modular design, small size, flexible products, which is conducive to on-site assembly; for remote areas with poor road traffic conditions, it can be disassembled for transportation and then assembled later, making the transportation and installation methods diverse;

Emerging products, high cost and imperfect supporting facilities;

The production process is immature and the scrap rate is high;

Intelligent monitoring technology is immature, and the effectiveness of detection results needs to be improved.

As the country has higher and higher performance requirements for Ring Main Unit, more and more attention has been paid to high-reliability environment-friendly Ring Main Unit. The advantages of solid-insulated Ring Main Unit will become more and more significant, and there will be more extensive Applications.

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