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The effect of the water cooled chillers


The water cooled chillers are a type of water-cooling equipment that can provide temperature control, constant flow, and constant pressure. Inject an appropriate amount of water into the fuselage's water tank ahead of time, cool the water with the chiller, and then deliver the low-temperature cooling water to the machine that requires cooling via the water pump. To achieve the cooling effect, the chilled water of the chiller brings heat to the water tank, then heats up and flows back into the tank. Air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are the two types of chillers.

Beer plastics, plastic absorption, and cold water functions, for example, in the plastics industry, can reduce mold cycles, speed up product molding, and keep products from deforming and shrinking, but they can also improve surface smoothness and penetration. The chiller's function In the electroplating industry, the chiller stabilizes metal and nonmetal ions, allowing metal ions to quickly attach to the su, which not only increases density and smoothness but also reduces electroplating frequency and increases grain productivity.

Chillers in the chemical industry can recycle chemical products, reduce waste, and save money. Furthermore, it is appropriate for the chemical industry, hardware, food, bleaching and dyeing, fish farming, sauna cold baths, air conditioners, and so on.


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