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The advantages of Lost foam casting


The process of bonding and combining paraffin or foam models similar in size and shape to castings to form a model cluster is known as lost foam casting (also known as solid casting). It is buried in dry quartz sand for vibration molding after being brushed with refractory paint and dried. The model is vaporized during downpouring, and the liquid metal fills the model's position before being solidified and cooled to form a new casting method. The following are the advantages of lost foam casting:

1. The castings' size and shape are accurate, the repeatability is good, and they have precision casting characteristics.

2. The casting has a high surface finish.

3. Use dry sand molding without binders, moisture, or additives to eliminate casting defects caused by moisture, additives, or binders.

4. The absence of flash and burrs in the casting reduces the cleaning and polishing workload by more than 50%.

5. It is simple to realize mechanized automatic assembly line production; the production line is flexible; and castings of various alloys, shapes, and sizes can be produced on a single production line.


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