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How do you pick the best water cooling tower?


There are three fundamental principles to consider when selecting a water cooling tower:

1. Determine the flow rate: The simplest method is to choose the ring water pump's actual flow rate and pressure based on on-site tracking; or choose based on the cooling water required by the equipment.

2. Determine the temperature: Determine the outlet temperature of the equipment and the inlet temperature of the equipment, that is, the inlet and outlet temperatures of the cooling tower; cooling towers are classified as standard cooling towers, medium temperature cooling towers, and high temperature cooling towers; The model has a 5°C temperature difference, a 10°C temperature difference, and a temperature difference of more than 10°C.

3. Confirm the cooling tower installation environment: choose the type based on where the cooling tower will be installed. Medium and high-temperature cooling towers are typically installed directly on the ring water pool, while cooling towers without water trays, i.e. standard cooling towers, are typically installed on the roof of the machine room or on flat ground. Depending on the installation method, a low-noise cooling tower or an ultra-low-noise cooling tower series can be chosen.

How do you pick the best cooling tower?

1. Cooling towers are classified into three types based on their cooling water temperature: high-temperature towers, medium-temperature towers, and normal temperature towers.

2. Cooling towers are classified as cross-flow or counter-flow according to current installation location and noise regulations.

3. Determine the cooling water volume based on the chiller's cooling water volume. In general, the cooling water volume of the cooling tower should be slightly greater than the chiller's cooling water volume.


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